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Rodney M. Poole

As the principal of Poole and Poole, Attorneys, a firm which was formed by Mr. Poole and his father Travis W. Poole to continue the adoption practice begun by Travis Poole in 1938.  Mr. Poole's area of concentration is adoption and assisted reproductive technology. Mr. Poole is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the Virginia Bar Association, the Virginia State Bar, and the Richmond Bar Association.  He received a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia School of Law and earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Richmond. 

Mr. Poole was appointed to the Adoption Advisory Committee for the Department of Social Services of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  In 1995, Mr. Poole was appointed as liaison between the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the Association of the Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and has attended each of their annual meetings since.  In 1999, after serving several terms as a member of its Board of Trustees, Mr. Poole was elected and served for the year 1999-2000 as President of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, during which time he formed both the Birth Parents' Rights Committee and the Special Needs Adoption Committee for the Academy.  Mr. Poole is currently serving as Vice President of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys for the year 2002-2003. 

Mr. Poole has frequently represented all members of the adoption triad and has acted as legal representative and counselor in over 3000 adoption proceedings.  He frequently lectures to the Bar and the public on adoption and assisted reproductive technology issues.

Mr. Poole also serves as a Board Member and Senior Vice President and General Counsel for The Wilton Companies.  He is a member of the Virginia State Bar Association, the Virginia Bar Association's Real Estate Section, the Richmond Bar Association's Real Estate Section and was appointed by the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond and continues to serve as a member of the City of Richmond Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission.

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