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Parental Placement








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Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-residents adopt?


Is independent (non-agency) adoption legal in Virginia?


Is advertising permitted?


What expenses can be paid?

   Legal fees, medical expenses, food, lodging, maternity clothes and travel related expenses. These should be paid through an escrow account handled by your adoption attorney.

Is a pre-placement home study required?

   The home study must be completed before consents are taken.

Are the adoptive parents required to disclose their identities to the birth parents?

   No in agency cases

   No in independent cases if mutually agreeable.

Can a birth parent sign a consent prior to the birth?

   Birth Mother - No.

   Birth Father - Yes.

How long must a birth parent wait after the birth before signing a consent?

   Immediately in agency.

   3 days (birth mother) in independent.

Where does a birth parent sign the consent?

   Out of court in agency.

   In court on independent.

When does a consent become irrevocable?

   Child is 10 days old and 7 days have elapsed since signing for agency.

   10 days after signing or the child is 10 days old (whichever occurs first) for independent [must wait 3 days to go to Court].

Do adoptive parents normally receive the child directly from the hospital?


What is required to facilitate the child’s discharge from the hospital?

   Depends on individual hospital policy.

When can the adoption be finalized?

   Usually takes at least 8 months.

Is it a requirement that a separate attorney represent the birth parents?

   It is highly recommended.

Are any extra steps required when the child is born in a state other than the one in which the adoptive parents reside?

   Yes. You must comply with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.


For questions about  adoption, please send an e-mail to  Laura Grant or Rodney M. Poole or contact them at the above number.